harnessing the power of photography for good

its thursday, i can see san diego from here…

when we were in tlacolua thursday, we did some work in the church adventures in life help build several years ago.  God willing, they would like to finish the 2nd story which will house pastors who will be teaching classes below.  pastors from around oaxaca and surrounding cities could come and receive training in Gods Word, in theology, and Biblical interpretation…to name a few.

wandering inside the church, i saw what looked like a Bible.  it was El Nuevo Testamento en el zapoteco de San Juan Guelavia y en espanol.  the New Testament in zapotecan.  what you see above in John 3:16 in zapotecan.  i was told that there are still more dialects of zapotecan that dont have Gods Word translated yet…hopefully soon.

say queso!

sustainable agriculture is one way of helping the oaxacans, and the plan is to teach them how to grow sweet corn, corn for tortillas, tomatoes, and peppers that they can harvest and sell in the market.  teaching them to use small parcels of land to grow for harvest and live off of will help make life more productive for them.  its easy to give them money and make ourselves feel better.  but if we can teach them ways to be self sufficient and self sustaining, thats much bettah.


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