harnessing the power of photography for good

working in san baltazar

monday was our first full day of work…the men went to san baltazar, to do some construction at one of the churches pastor americo teaches at. the church building was built several years ago by previous adventures in life mens ministry weeks. san baltazar is about 45 minutes from mitla, where most of us are staying. we met up and prayed inside the church, and discussed the plan for the construction work.

we were to build a walkway between connection 2 adobe bldgs and the main church. lower the floor in the smaller of the 2 adobe bldgs, and put a roof over it. build a patio covering over the cement slab next to the church, and wire the bathrooms with power so there will be light.

loading of pics at pastor americo’s home takes some time, so im only gonna post 5 pics this morning… first is of the team of men, pictured w pastor americo and norma, doing the contruction work this week.

next 3 are of a young zapotecan girl, who spoke zapotecan. her mom was inside the adobe helping norma make lunch for the men, when she poked her head out the door to see what the men were doing outside. i took the 1st pic, then she seemed to get spooked and went inside. thats when i got my polaroid pogo printer out and printed this 1st pic for her. i printed it and gave it to her. once she saw what i was doing, she let me take a few more pics, and even tried to smile for me. i printed the 2nd pic for her, and as i let her hold the printer i took the 3rd pic. she warmed up to me, and norma told me her mom wants to get her pic taken and printed too.

i know the power of photography to break down walls, and have seen it before firsthand. but using the pogo printer, allowed me to better reach the little zapotecan gal who probably has never seen a picture of herself before. she later came back w her older sister. i could tell she didnt know what to tell her sister exactly, but she had the pic i took of her and her sister wanted one too… im here in oaxaca to work, to help document what dave & adventures in life are doing in mexico.

this last pic is a simple yet powerful reminder of why we are here. to build on what Christ has already done for all of us, and share that Good News with those who may not know Him yet. if i can help pastor americo to minister to the native zapotecans, and help future groups of men that come to oaxaca to build and minister and come along side pastor americo, but taking a few pics. im blessed all the more. im already blessed, and its just the first day of real shooting…cant wait to see what God does next.


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