harnessing the power of photography for good

to pogo or not to pogo…

so i have this cool polaroid pogo printer, that has proven to be gold.  and it only cost $100, cheaper if its on sale or at walmart, but generally thats what ive seen them selling for.  i shared the following pic yesterday of the little zapotecan girl holding the pogo printer

in the corner you can see my camera thats linked to the pogo printer, and her picture coming out as she stares at this thing shes never seen before.  as i shared yesterday, this little printer established some sort of trust between us, where she let me take more pics of her. so much so that she brought her older sister over to get her pic taken as well.

wandering in town today, i saw the 2 of them and they both smiled and waved “hi” to me.  as i waved backed, again it made me grateful that i brought the printer with me.  and i have to give credit to david du chemin for sharing about this little magic printer on his blog.

this evening, as i was posting pics from the day, i started to think about the pic above… and after dinner, we gathered and shared about our day.

one of the questions dave asked was for us to think about “the haves” and “have nots” in terms of missions.  short term mission trips arent cheap, and depending on where your going, you may spend several thousands $$  on airfare & travel before you even pay for the “missions” part of it.  as americans on short term missions, we are the “haves.”  would the money we pay to be part of something like oaxaca, or miles ahead “do something” cayman island event, be put to better use if we just write a check  to further the ministry here in oaxaca or in the cayman islands…

the answer is yes.  but as dave said, that check is never written.

which brings me to the question of to pogo or not to pogo?  the bigger picture is this.  as i was taking the picture of the young girl.  shes holding the printer, im holding my 40d, and im taking her picture with my 5d.  add that up, along with the lenses.  well you can do the math, if not google it.  did that young girl have any idea or even care about what camera i had or how much it cost?  probably not.  could i use “less expensive” gear?  yes.

bottom line as i think about it, i have made a decision to use my gear to honor God as much as possible.  by helping adventures in life document the work they are doing in oaxaca, and hopefully others will see and want to donate to their work in oaxaca and in mexico.  is there a need in mexico?  certainly.  is there a need in san diego?  yes.   everything we do must be centered on Christ and our motivation must be to glory Him in everything we do.  whether it be in the states, jamaica, or oaxaca.  do it whole heartedly, for His kingdom.

pogo for Jesus!

this kid blew by me, running the whole time, not a care in the world.   it made me think that the little kid wasnt sad that he didnt have the latest nintendo ds, or that his ipod was old…he was joyful

Psalm 95: 1-2

Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD;
let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving
and extol him with music and song.


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