harnessing the power of photography for good

chillin in oaxaca…

in oaxaca now.  i survived the trip into tj and flying out of the airport wasnt so bad.  certainly an experience.   i took the volaris airline shuttle from dtown san diego, changed buses in tj, and after getting over the border and a few different checkpoints in the airport, i was ready to wait……

my thinktank airport international...gotta love it

bus change in san ysidro

watching folks go by in tj airport

having arrived at the airport gate 3 hours before my 145am flight, i had some time to kill.  so i found a place i could grab a drink, plug in my computer and get some editing done, and wasted the time away.

somewhere over mexico

dave miller, head cheese with adventures in life and sean, self proclaimed “redneck” from eastern oregon, picked me up at the oaxaca international airport (or should that be landing strip) and took me to casa arnel hotel, where im at now.  this place is really cool.

casa arnel hotel, oaxaca mexico

i like the colors….

im pretty tired from the flight over, but i think im gonna go walk around and see what i see…Praise God!

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