harnessing the power of photography for good

douglas kirkland unplugged

douglas kirkland, canon explorer of light, ready to share about his last 50 years in photography

terry, trying to capture the perfect sunset in santa monica before the evening with douglas kirkland

terry and i went up to santa monica on tuesday nite, to see douglas kirkland share about his career in photography and hopefully learn more about the man.  i think what was supposed to be a 90 presentation, ended up being more than 2 hours of stories and lessons learned along the way.  what impressed me the most was his humility and  passionate love for the art & craft of photography.

he was asked about he goes about shooting celebrities and how it has changed over the decades.  considering he has shot so many iconic folks, past and present, what remains true is that the subject is most important.  you can have the best gear and all the “bells and whistles” available to man, but if you loose focus of who you are shooting and why, its over.  youve missed the point and probably wont get the best out of who you are shooting.  he said its not about you the photographer, no matter how famous you may or may not be, the subject is king.

he also said that he shoots all the time.  never be without a camera!  and that technology is your friend, but you need to respect it and use it wisely.  kirkland also mentioned that he is always looking for new things, new ways of expressing his love for photography.  thats why he shoots lots of film, and he loves his old 8×10 camera which he still uses today.  he was literally jumping up and down imploring us to have fun  and never stop learning.

im still processing it all, but it was great to see someone who has seen and shot so much, still be excited about shooting and learning more about the craft that has given him so much.

sharing what is was like to shoot marilyn monroe & audrey hepburn


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