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horton plaza christmas, take 2

 i was talking with my mom about what i saw at horton plaza on christmas day.  she commented that it seems like alot of groups come out in force during the christmas season, but who is helping the homeless the rest of the year. i mentioned that the san diego rescue mission has programs that help the homeless all year long, they also provide hot meals for other organizations that help the homeless.  but it was a valid question, with the salvation army hosting their annual christmas dinner that same day, and other groups doing similar acts of kindness around san diego.  

as i thought about the why, its a fairly uncomplicated answer.  this time of year brings the saints out of all of us, and a chance to help those less fortunate during the christmas season, isnt that hard to do.  as pastor miles says, even those who normally dont go to church during the year, will go or at least be open to going during the christmas and easter season.  and i think that carries over to folks being more willing to give of their time and money.  unfortunately, the homeless situation is a year round thang, and folks like the sd rescue mission are serving in season and out.

so does that mean we should be rolling out meals every weekend for the homeless?  maybe.  i know that God likes when we serve in areas He has gifted us in.  kind of like putting the square block in the square hole, easy.  ive been know to say ” the need isnt the call.”  Gods Word is clear, that the workers are few, theres always a need.  but i think that sometimes we can get “guilted”  or pressured into serving, because of the need.  but  i think that sometimes, we fail to do anything.  citing that God hasnt called me to do that, or i wasnt gifted in that area.  is it easier to serve where we are best suited to minister…without a doubt.  can God use us if we serve where we arent gifted to serve? certainly.  the important thing is we do something.   to do something that you love and are gifted in would be best.  but doing nothing would be worse.

do something big for His Glory!

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