harnessing the power of photography for good

An experience…

Two years ago was literally my first Rock Photography experience… I felt almost – well – lost… My shots were out of focus, off in composition, it was a learning experience… It was Toys for Joy 2007. I thank God for that opportunity. I grew so much as a photographer and truthfully got to see how documenting where God is working can be so amazing… Today– as a Rock Photographer – it has been unbelievable. And now, 2009, not only has our photo ministry grown, but so has Toys for Joy – in every way possible… I had a great time and it was truly great to be a witness…

That last one says it all for me – cut away all the distractions – the massive amounts of people, the piles of toys and clothes, the rain…. heck even the color in the picture!… to a child it didn’t matter… they are just so drawn by the one gift that they get to come away with… it was the feeling that whatever their personal situation, this is the thing that mattered in this moment… that was their moment.

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