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giving thanks

im thankful for the television…(sort of)

i tend to watch too much tv as it is, but after thanksgiving dinner, a very yummy meal that lasted all day long.   we watched some football and then the remote got lost for a few hours with the tv stuck on a home alone marathon.  so we must have watched the movie  3 times all together.  i had forgotten how funny that movie is.

there was a house marathon as well on another channel.  so i watched a few episodes of that too.

as i processed all the stuff i had seen, it all seemed to blend together into several themes that went well with this time of year.

family, gratitude, self-sacrifice, and service.

i had fogotten most of the story line behind home alone, but as i watched it over and over again, you realize that behind the sillyness of it all, theres a great story of family unity (or disunity) and being thankful for your family, not taking it for granted, as kevin did.  not till near the end did he realize what a jerk he was to his family and how much he did love and want his family.  the message to me…we cant choose the family were born into, but we can be the best son, daughter, brother or aunt we can be to our family members.  i believe God created the family as a picture of God,  in how the family is made up of many components, but as a whole, the family is 1 unit.  we may not be perfect like God, but we can love one another as Christ loves the church, and seek to be the example for others to follow.

one of the house episodes, dealt with 2 brothers who were dying, and house wanted the parents to make the choice of “sacrificing ” 1 son to save the life of the other.  they couldnt make that choice.  so as house often does, he goes around the parents and talks to the brother who had a lesser chance of surviving, to get him to make the choice of saving his brothers life.

i pray im never in that situation…of the parents or brothers, but i know without a doubt that i would give my life for my parents, brothers and sisters in law, and my nephew & nieces. (and as i think about it, my friends as well)

reflecting on the day, and after looking at some of the pics from the thanksgiving dinner at the rescue mission the previous saturday…it just reminded me that theres more work to be done.  the race is far from finished, and until God tells me im finished or calls me home, i need to continue to love on my family.  show in pictures the God is alive and well and still working in His people…and look to be the servant and not be served. 

for this and a bit of tv, im thankful and blessed.

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