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MOTR – Men’s Church with Pastor Miles

Tuesday night – Men of the Rock. They are there every Tuesday night and if you are a man of the Rock and want to grow your faith, then you need to be there. Ronnie and Rick Holderby’s testimony regarding this ministry starts simply… The men’s ministry started only a few years ago with only a few men of the church. Through the beginning – they had wondered if this ministry is really what God had called them to do… Sometimes five, sometimes 12, sometimes just the two of them… In truth, to hear the challenges they had begun with encourage me… It only solidifies God’s power and work in this ministry. But, God moves in mighty ways… Moving from just a small room upstairs in the building, to the cafeteria – The Men of the Rock now face a problem – we have come to a point where they may fit nowhere else, but the main sanctuary – a “problem” we’d like to have…

I graduated from IRONMEN back in winter 2008 and – in a few words – it changed my life. A 12 month curriculum, 12 books, study, worship, fellowship, accountability, memory verses – it was real challenge. And honestly, through it all, I was so busy I didn’t even realize it – looking back, my life, my faith, and my love for God has grown like never before… I have been blessed…

Seeing men worship together – something is powerful about it…

This past Tuesday, MOTR had a special guest, Pastor Miles… and his message was on adversity… knowing who you are in God and understanding pain’s purpose in your growth – and it couldn’t be more appropriate… especially for me… praise God. At the end of the message he called the men forward to recommit to God…

Men, there are several ministries available – Again every Tuesday, Warriors meet… a new Ironmen session begins in March. And in addition, The Most Excellent Way, For Men Only, and Prayer Warriors are ministries for addiction, sexual integrity accountability, and prayer – respectively.

The sanctuary was packed with God-seeking men… praise God…Pastor Darren alluded to something past Sunday that was very telling. He said, he believed that the problems in our world do not have to do with TV shows, the media, or anything else – It is because the men are not being the men that God has made them to be… Men of the Rock, the momentum is building… The first lesson I learned in Ironmen – if you want to be blessed, if you want to know God more, if you want to grow – Go where God is working…

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