harnessing the power of photography for good

JUST? by David du Chemin

david du chemin is one of the photographers whose blog i follow…he insightful and funny.  with lots of opinions and good info as well.  hes written 2 books, the first (within the frame) i highly recommend, and the 2nd im waiting on the mailman to deliver.  on his blog he posted another thought provoking entry i feel i need to pass on to whoever is reading our humble blog.

go check it out HERE and then go shoot!  enjoy.

***if forgot to mention that we are gonna start a “best caption” contest.  every other week or so, we will post a picture, and the 2 or 3 of you who visit our blog, or anyone else who may wander by and visit, can submit their “best caption” that goes with the picture.  the winner will get a shout out on the blog and maybe something else in the future…who knows.  we will announce our favorite “caption” next week, along with the credit you may or may not want for coming up with the “best caption.”  oh, please keep it clean or we wont post it.  it may make us laugh, but it would be sad if we couldnt share it with the public.  thanks.***

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