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YO! its about obedience

i was chillin in starbuck this morning, mira mesa mall, lookin out the window i see the dude checkin out whats in the trash can outside.  he was maybe, 15 feet from me, so i got a good look at him.   hes been around mira mesa for maybe 4 or 5 years, that i can recollect (thats country talk for remember).

as i took a close look at him, i think hes the same dude i bought a togos sandwich for  4 or 5 years ago.  i was at kinkos by the 15 freeway on mm blvd, coming out this guy asked if he could get a lift south.  i was heading south, and it was probably 3pm in afternoon, but i didnt feel comfortable giving him a ride, with my gear in the car and all that… so i told him i couldnt give him a lift but he was hungry, id buy him lunch.  togos sandwich was next door, so i sat and had lunch with him.  i dont recall his name, or his story, but im fairly certain that its him.

it got to thinkin, if i would have given him the ride, would he be married with kids, or workin hard to pay off his debt, to keep the man off his back….or would he be some other neighborhoods homeless dude.

i know the question of how do you help someone who is “pan-handling” or do you, comes up often.  some say your encouraging them to keep “begging” on the corner, and others would counter, if you have the opportunity, give.

my take is use discernment, and if God tells you to give, then you better give.  its our job to be obedient to whatever God tells us to do.  so did my little act of kindness mess up the whole space time continuum….dont know.  i guess that would be a subject for another blog.


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