harnessing the power of photography for good

2009 Men’s Retreat: Praising Him!

i started this blog sat nite at this years mens retreat…2 weeks ago now.  ive looked at all the pics jim and i took at the retreat, a few pics.  God continues to show me what a blessing it was to be there once again.  i think ive been to every retreat the motr (men of the rock) has put on, and every year its different and it can be a challenge to not see it for what it is… that the retreat is an opportunity to get away and be with God.  to worship and commune, to listen, and for me its a time to check for directions.  to make sure im heading in the direction that God wants for me.

when tommy asked on friday nite of the retreat, how many men were at their first mens retreat, it looked like 75%-80% of the men raised their hands.  that blew me away.  and it got me pumped up.  i had the privilege of being here to document what God was going to do in the lives of these men.

i tell the team often that id rather they be obedient to God, and not take pics, than they take pics and be disobedient to God.  theres always time to take pics, if its time to worship and pray, thats by far the better choice.  so as i was shooting, im always conscience of that, am i in Gods perfect will…am i shooting for him or for me, am i shooting what He wants me to show folks.

it was truly a blessing to be at this years mens retreat.  as i was capturing what God was doing, i couldnt help but praise Him.  strange in my mind, that i can praise Him with my camera, taking pics of these men, who were praising God.  it was a thought id never really considered.  im a firm believer in the fact that we can praise and worship God in everything we do, but id never really considered the fact that in documenting His work, i can worship Him.

after all, my desire and our desire as a team is to honor Him as we document His Work.  a praise offering in the form of images taken with my camera.  understanding that the gift of photography, the gear He provides, the ability to see…its ALL from Him!   Praise God!

ive chosen a few more pics that have stood out to me, i hope it blesses yall as it has been a blessing to look at these pics again.

to see more pics from this years retreat, please visit the rock photo-galleries or click HERE.

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