harnessing the power of photography for good

rock photo-classes: select student pics

the rock photographers have begun a new season of photoclasses.  the pics below are just a few of the pics that have been shared in class.  the classes are free, yes FREE!  every wednesday, at the rock in room 353.  feel free to come join us.  for latest info on classes you can check the tab labled “photo classes and events.”

these are pics i chose for various reasons.  first in my mind is what catches my eye and draws my attention.  bottom line, photography as in art, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”   what i might find interesting, another may say, “eh…” not for me.  it doesnt mean its bad,  just that it didnt interest me.  as many times as ive thought ive taken a great picture, i show it to someone, and they say “oh, thats nice…what else you got…”  you never know.  as long as your shooting something that your passionate about, the creative process and the resulting pics bring you joy, there you go, youve won.

now get out and shoot, have fun!


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