harnessing the power of photography for good

Camp Rock…Academy: High School Years

The day was filled with fun as evidenced by the laughter and smiles of the Rock High School kids.

They ran off in different directions in their free time to play football, volleyball, archery, and the challenge of the low elements course and the breath taking, sky high obstacle course of the high elements where they took a measure of themselves and learn a little about trusting the Lord as they sometimes dangled 30 feet above the ground.

After a delicious dinner of steamed veggies, and lasagna they went to Windfield Hall for worship and an inspirational testimony from their Volleyball coach about seeking and finding GOD. I was impressed by these teenagers as they worshiped and listened intently to the message.

Teenagers that face a world that is none too kind, with pressures and problems unimaginable when I was in High School. These young Christians look around at life in the 21st Century and instead of throwing up their hands in surrender they throw up their hands in worship and praise, and instead of escaping into a world of drugs and a drunken stupor they fall on their knees and pray. Praying to a GOD that they know loves and hears them.

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