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Wonder Years

By Friday the kids won’t be so chipper in the morning as they were today. This morning found them cleaning their cabins with enthusiasm and skipping off to devotion and flag raising before a breakfast of prefabricated hash browns and tons of scrambled eggs, many were in awe of, or settled for the fruit loops and orange slices that to prepare them for a day of non-stop running, jumping and laughing.

During worship they were ecstatic over the old stand by camp worship songs, the ones their great grandparents sang at camp. It brought a smile to the soul to see them surrender to the spirit as they sang in praise to GOD.

The theme of the Camp is the wonder of GOD’s creation, and how one can see GOD in His creation, the variety and power of creation and how ludicrous it is to think that it all happened by accident.

All of this punctuated by zip lines, BMX bikes, archery, and the mini barnyard (you know goats and ducks and such.)

Yesterday was fire and today was water and migration, migration demonstrated in a game that turned boys and girls into migrating masses.

The day wrapped up with the heavens, the immense size and intricate workmanship that showed the vast power and incomprehension of the Lords power and magnificence. After some class room lessons they trekked off into the hills and observed a magnificent full moon and the constellations they had learned about and how small they were in the indescribable creation of their Lord GOD, and yet how unique and important they are to an all loving GOD.

Then noisily off to bed.


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