harnessing the power of photography for good

Team Effort

mikey in action

the rock had their summer baptism last weekend at mission bay, crown point.  they have thankfully moved the baptism away from the ocean, yippee!  no waves to knock the shooters over, just a few wakes from tow-boats and sea-doos, nothing to worry about.


malia, trying to stay out of the picture

jim, up out of the water for air…daniel in the background shooting some “hang time!”probie (aka raquel), our newest shooter on the team

this was the first baptism that i didnt get all the way into the water, cant remember last all church baptism that i didnt get close to the action.  part of my decision not to get wet was the number of shooters we had on saturday.  there were 8 of us from the team, plus 2 folks who are thinking about joining us.  all in all, 10 shooters, yielding around 3200 pictures.  so with that many shooters, i figured i would just chill, and shoot from the shoreline.  it was tough at times, not being so close to the dunking action, but i was able to enjoy the view, and shoot some of the celebration happening on shore. 

i pulled some of the pics that we all took of each other, cause thats what we do, we shoot.     blessings!

diana, not part of the team officially, serving & testing the waters…

terry, trying to blend into the crowd…

mark, another shooter whos thinkin about joining the team

full service photographers, we shoot & dog sit!

blending in…


One response

  1. Malia Dadez

    aww I like this story. 🙂 It was fun being out there with almost all of the team!

    September 3, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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