harnessing the power of photography for good


today was the first day of school for the rock academy.  seems like ive been goin non-stop for most of summer.  one event after the other, then editing lots of pics (when i have the time).  yesterday at church marked the end of summer in my mind.  with today being the academy’s first day back, and takin pics at school and editing pics at the same time from jr hi camp… and then reflecting back on nick’s message at church…then processing what i saw at camp last week on top of all that.  im excited about what ive seen, and blessed as i think of the privilege ive been given to document what God is doing at the rock.

i just finished editing down the pics from camp, between terry and i we took 5458 pics during the week.  it took me several days of looking at the pics, deciding which pics best represented the week, and told the story of AMP’D.  as i was looking at the pics, it brought back lots of fun memories…and seeing the kids again as they worshipped, goofed around, played games and learned more about Jesus…man, i love taking pics of this stuff!  i am truly blessed.

the pics are loading and as soon as the galleries are ready, i will let yall know.  ive edited the pics for the week. so it wont take you all day to look at all of them.

blessings, bjoe

UPDATE:  to see the edit of camp pics please go HERE

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