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Today(wednesday) was so fun!  We still continued to play games with just boys & girls.  The first game we played today was called human foosball!  It was pretty much like soccer because you pass the ball to other teammates and then make a goal.   but you couldn’t take your hands off the rope.  The second game we played was frustrating!  Everyone took a turn playing and it was so fun!  What we did in that game was put a box over our head, spin around 5 times and then try to go straight to our cone and back.  Finally, the third game we played was with a giant blown up ball and we had to try to push the ball to our side whenever the leader called our number we were given.  Some people fell over trying to make a point!  Then, later on, we went to the ampitheater and did worhship.  About half the crowd decided that they wanted to be saved and become christians!  It was so cool just to see people give up their lives for the Lord.  At the end of the night, we all sat around and watched Nacho Libre!  that was about my fifth time watching that movie but it was still fun to watch it with all of my friends…Well tomorrow is our full last day here at camp and I can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow!

Sincerely,  Melisa R.

Today(wednesday) for camp we had a continuation of the team games.  But the boys and girls were seperate for these games.  We had 3 different games again.  The first game was human fooseball.  It was tons of fun!  It was just like fooseball but there were people that played.  The second game was the box game.  It was fun too!  You had to put a cardboard box over your head, spine around 5 times, and then run to the cone on the one end of the field and bak.  Your team could help you by yelling what direction to go.  It was also quite difficult because it was hard to hear your team.  The last game was with a huge blow up ball.  It was kinda like steal the bacon.  But is was quite difficult because everyone was pushing the ball in their direction.  All these games were extremely fun!  We even won them all!  I hope to write more soon!

Sincerely,  Brianna C.

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  1. Gianna S.

    I think that camp was the best thing that happened to me for a few reasons:
    1. It DEFINATLY helped me grow in my walk with God.
    -It helped me because the leaders would let you pull them aside and just talk about ANYTHING I felt that way more comfortable talking with the leaders and my friends from camp than I do/did feel talking with my friends from school.
    -It also helped me because tuesday was probably the MOST EMOTIONAL day of my life and it was partially because of that that I felt more comfortable around other people and why my eyes are now open wider than EVER before!
    2. Because I made sooooo many new friends there. To tell you the truth I am VERY shy and quiet…. That is until you get to know me then I will tell you a ton of stories laugh at the SUTPIDEST things and just be crazy, wierd, and just plain all out. Because of tuesday evening I know that I have more in common with other girls than I could have EVER imagined!
    3. Camp just opened my eyes soooo much in the short time I was there now I am trying to do more for and with the church. I am going to a homegroup in Linda Vista on tuesdays and am starting my own in point loma on wednesdays, I go to Friday Night Live every week, I want to start going to every service on sundays to start helping out more and just getting involved and DOING SOMETHING! I realized just yesterday (Sunday Sept. 20th 2009) that the more I listen to a lesson the more I understand it and the more comfortable I feel around people. I realized this because when I went to the ten I just went and did what I normally do just sit in the back and listen not answer any questions not volunteer to read verses just opening my bible reading the verses and laughing with all of the other junior highers and I realized that I wanted to stay for the twelve for the first time so I asked my she said sure so I played carpet ball while I waited for everyone to start coming for the service and while I was waiting for it to start I met 3 or four new people that were SUPER nice and during the twelve I answered a question in the service for the FIRST Time and so I went home between the 12 and the five and when I came back I was outside until service started and I realized we were late for worship and so I hurried down the hall and I was in such a hurry that I passed the door so I pretty much did a painful skidding u-turn and walked quickly to a seat in the back and just started singing along and during the five I read a verse thanks to Michelle and Megan, and I also answered the same question and just felt like I learned more and more each time and felt more and more confident too. So thank you leaders and all my camp friends for helping me in my walk with God!

    September 21, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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