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more camper blogs from AMP’D

Camp is amazing.  Every morning there is morning devotion to get us pumped up for the day.  We then eat an amazing breakfast then we have morning worship.  After that we have small group time to get to know each other more.  Then we all chill at the dining hall for a nutritious lunch.  We also have group games to earn points for out team which is awesome.  Then we have free time for 2 hours to do whatever.  Then we eat dinner.  Then we have a night worship and devo.  We then finish the night out with an awesome game.  Camp is an amazing place and it is fun learning more about God and growing in our godly relationships.      -CameronCameron, always a smile on his face


So far camp has been amazing!  The theme of the camp is AMP’D. A is for acknowledge, M is for matujrity, P is for personal relationship (with Jesus), and D is for “Do Something.”  They have all been challenging subjects, and I am sure that the rest of the week will be amazing/challenging for me and my cabin. 

Indian Hills has been an amazing experience for me and my friends.  If you didn’t get the chance to go to camp this year I definitely recommend going next year.

Peace out-  Joel A.

matt with his cabin of young men, joel is in the middle w the big grin & red hat


Today (Tuesday) was our second day of camp.  It was all girls day!  The boys and girls were seperated for the day.  We had awesome competitions!  We had 3 different games!   The first game was a water relay!  We had to swim from one end to the other and then we had to push this weight ball to the other end without using our hands, it was hard!  The second game we had to run and get a mouthful of root beer and then we had to spit it into an empty bottle.  After we filled it half way, we had to drink it!  It was disgusting!  The last game was another water game.  We had to get into a hamster ball and got pushed byh 3 people from 1 end of the pool to the other.  We ended up winning 2 out of the 3 games.  Later on, when it was dark outside we went into the barn (meeting room) and got into a circle.  It really opened my eyes and it was very emotional.  Many people were cryhing.   They asked really personal questions.  Then we stayed up til 11:30pm singing and dancing to random songs.. though this day was very sad, by the end of the day we really enjoyed having fun.  Camp has been an awesome experience! 

Bye for now, Brianna C.


Tuesday was our official 2nd dayof camp!  Boys and girls were seperate for the whole day.  During that time, we had 3 really fun games!  The first one was a race in the pool.  Basically, the first team to finish swimming to the other side of the pool and back with a small weight was the winner.  But the catch was you couldn’t use your hands to help you.  The second game the purple team (my team) played was pretty gross!  The sad part is that we had to use my favorite soda…rootbeer!  What we had to do was run and get a huge mouthful of rootbeer and then run back and spit it into another container.  Afterwards, two of our team-mates had to drink all the soda that everyone spit!  It was hard to watch my two team-mates drink everyone else’s backwash, but it was still fun!   Finally, the last game we played was once again in the pool.  I liked this game the most because we were in hampster balls on water!  The first team to finish 10 people across the pool and back was the winner.  So far i’ve had fun at camp and can’t wait until tomorrow!

A camper at Indian Hills,  Melisa R

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