harnessing the power of photography for good

Time With God

When I stepped out of my car here at Indian Hills Camp there was not a soul in sight and while I waited for the kids I was able to commune with the Lord and His wonderful creation. I strolled along the creek bed and observed the awesome creativity of GOD. No tree was the alike some gnarled with branches flinging their braches toward heaven, others charred from the last wild fire, each with their own beauty and uniqueness. I even saw a black bobcat up above the camp that looked like a mini jaguar, he was more cautious of people than people were of him.

By mid-afternoon the children arrived with their laughter and playfulness, the girls posed and were charming young ladies until dinner and then they made faces and stuffed their mouths with pizza. While the boys were goofing off as soon as they stepped off the bus, and seemed to delight in out doing each other in their craziness, but a good craziness that brings a laugh to your soul.

At the outdoor amphitheatre they danced in abandonment and joy but when the worship began they were suddenly quiet and were transformed into Angels raising their hands and eyes toward GOD in love and adoration.

To me this is always the highlight of a day with the kids, is experiencing worship so true and innocent. You could almost look up and see the Lord looking down with a smile on His Face.


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