harnessing the power of photography for good

day 2….

today was day 2, their 1st full day at camp.  our hope is to show what God is doing at camp.  and show some pics of what the kids are doing as well.  pastor dru is fond of saying that 1 week at camp is like a whole year of ministry, and the leaders are praying for all their kids, spending time in God’s Word with them, and of course, having lots of fun with them.  we hope to have students and leaders share as well, about their experiences, what their learnig, and what’s goin on at camp.  so, on that note, here are the first 2 posts from some of the students…

I love AMP’D Camp already.  Today we got up and had an amazing devo.  The later we had a message from Steve.  Then we had Team Time, where we made a cheer and a flag.  Next we had team games.  Those were really fun.  At free time some friends and I made pottery, and I wrote this message at free time.

                                                                                                –Lydia Zenaye

I’m already having a blast at AMP’D camp.  I’ve only been here for two days and I feel like I’m at home.  Everyone is so friendly and nice.  I came here with just a best friend ad now in just two days I have four more new friends.  I never expected to be so welcome here.  I know by the time I leave here that my relationship with God will be closer that ever.  And that I will have gained so many new friends.

                                                                                              -Lauren Cernik-Price

****pics from the first day at camp can be seen HERE****


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