harnessing the power of photography for good

12 midnite and all is quiet

sitting here on the porch outside the indian hills camp office, the only place where you can get a wifi connection.  its past midnite, the boys are just around the corner in “covered wagons” and the gals are down the way in cabins.  it was a long day for me, shooting pics in the morning of this months rock heroes, raymond and melissa alvarez.  and chilling w jimmy before i headed out into the heat of the day to get pics of the jr hi folks getting dropped off and loading up the busses for camp. 

terry is here with me, and this should be a fun week.  we hope to have some leaders, and some the the jr hi kids to come and share their thoughts on how camp is going for them.  so stay tuned.  we hope to have some pics from sunday on the rock flickr site as well.   when we get those loaded up we will get the link out to everyone…. so for now, enjoy some of the pics i took and check back soon.













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