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Rock Women’s Retreat

im at the womens retreat looking for raquel.  sitting in the lobby listening to the speaker as she was sharing about habits and how if were not careful, we can end up forming some habits that arent so healthy.  i was reminded of powdered creamer in the philippines.  they love the powdered creamer.  and now that i think of it, they love the instant coffeee.  the application for me was how we can sometimes think that instant coffee and powdered creamer is the bomb!  when in actuality, in my humble opinion, its a poor substitute for a freshly drawn espresso.  much in the same way, we can be lulled into thinking that life as we know it, without Christ,  is it.  that it dont get any better than we may have it.  when we know in reality that life is just beginning when we first hear the call of Christ, and come to Him.  it only gets better!

so the reminder for me is to not settle.  even in Christ, things are always better the more we spend time with Jesus.  so leave the powdered milk at the counter or the nikon, and go for the gold, the good stuff…like Canon!  Christ said He came that we might have life, life to the fullest.   John 10:10

i was planning on leaving once i met up w raquel and made sure she was doing well.  she is….but  im still here…i had dinner : )

im sitting in the coffee place here and im talking w some friends and brenda has agreed to share about the retreat experience so far….

                                      debbie alsdorf , this years retreat speaker

heeeeeyyy… i am totally blessed to be here at the rock women’s retreat!  God has allowed this amazing opportunity for women of all ages to come together and get to know each other, share eachothers’ life stories, and most importantly grow closer to our Lord and Savior. 

God has used our wonderful speaker, Debbie, to touch the lives of each woman here… and through her stories, knowledge, and the wisdom that God gave her, spoke to each woman in ways that we didn’t think could be done.

we had the opportunity to dip our feet into the natural hot springs, hang out at the coffee shop, play games, and just talk.  talk to eachother.  talk to God.

i have also had the awesome previledge to lead worship with stefanie kelly, regina pruitt, paul “brown sugar”, and jacob.

Brenda with her daughter Desi


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