harnessing the power of photography for good

A Blessed Perspective

As a photographer at a Rock event, such as the High School Camp that I just attended, I have a unique view, to be more accurate, a blessed perspective as the Lord allows me to look on the miracles He is doing among both kids and counselors, the hearts He may be breaking and the healing that He is accomplishing.God allows me as a photographer to capture an image that immortalizes a moment when He is moving in the heart and soul of a young life, but I am also an honored observer that that sees GOD’s interaction with a tender heart, in a way that the casual bystander never sees or is aware of.Kids today, as in the past, deal with feelings of inadequacy, a self image that is damaged by peers at school or sadly sometimes parents and siblings, and a need in their young life to be genuinely loved; loved unselfishly, rather than a I love you if… a love they found in the arms of Christ this week, unselfish and pure.

Thinking of these things as I took certain photos I was touched and impressed by those that reached out to each other during worship and praise. I remember a young girl who was very shy and quiet who had tears streaming down her face and one of her counselors leaned over and enveloped her in love and compassion, as words of praise rose up to heaven, The Lord was doing a work in both of them as they clung to each other in a deep embrace and both sang, and glorified the Lord in tears.

On Saturday morning as Nova brought us before the throne of GOD. Two young ladies fell onto their knees as the Lord reached into and stroked their hearts with fingers of love. They prayed in each other’s arms, sang, and prayed some more while the whole time holy tears streamed down their faces.

Young men left behind the macho culture that tries to shape their lives at school and in the world as raised their arms in surrender to our Lord Jesus as He continued the process of turning them into real men, Young Men of God. Directly opposite were sweet young ladies, lives sweetened by the Spirit of GOD. As they raised their hands to heaven I could see the Lord smooth out the rough edges and shaped them into precious daughters, Princesses of GOD, in a moment that stretched into eternity as love for GOD sprang from their tender hearts.

What one could take from this week is that GOD is preparing a new generation of Do Something believers that have the potential of turning their world upside down for Christ. Young people who have no limits accept what they put on themselves. So dream and dream big, because with GOD and that dream can be a reality and they can shake the foundations of a world without Christ.


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