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to obey is to prosper…

to obey is to prosper, to disobey is to pay, and sometimes dearly…

this is a phrase i learned some 12 years ago during a walk thru the Bible seminar.  during the walk thru the Bible seminars, they recreate the Holy Lands in the room your in.  i was attending a walk thru the old testament.  during the half day seminar, we learned the basics of the old testament story…which included georgraphy, history and time-lines.  all packaged together with hand motions and key phrases to help us understand what was happening in the old testament.

one of the key phrases that stuck with me was to obey is to prosper, to disobey is to pay, and sometimes dearly. 

it was used numerous times to describe the relationship of God’s people to a Holy God.  God laid down the “law” and said if you obey, you will prosper.  if you choose to disobey, you have to pay.  there was a price to be paid for disobeying God…sometimes dearly, as in death!  and as we looked at the history of God’s people, it was about obedience and disobedience.  as they obeyed, they conquered everyone and everywhere they went, they prospered.  and when they turned from God, disobeyed, they got beat down by those around them.

today, this phrase is still valid and useful.  we live by Grace, covered by the blood of Christ.  but its not a reason to go and sin (disobey God).  God is loving and just, and as a Father who cares for His children, sometimes a swift kick in the rear is necessary to get us back on track.  and sometimes, worse…

im thinking about this stuff because as im sitting here in panera, working on pics… 3 hi school age kids w skateboards, so maybe freshman age, came in and 1 purchased a drink, and the other 2 got water glasses, filled w pepsi.   they sat for about 30 minutes, refilled their “drinks” 3 or 4 times.  as i watched this, i thought and prayed, should i say something to the 3 guys, or to the manager…they werent hiding, but nobody said anything to them.  was it stealing?  yes! have i ever gotten a water glass and “accidently” filled it w some dr pepper or pepsi…yes.  it was back in the day, but i did do that when i was that age.  but i didnt stick around in the joint drinking and refilling my drink.   does God forgive, yes!  even when i repeatedly sin and do what i shouldnt do?  yes!  but not without consequences!

paul reminds us of this fact in romans 7, how we know the right thing  to do, but we dont always do it.  paul struggled, we struggle and will continue to struggle while we are still confined to this flesh.  so we pray, and look for opportunities to choose wisely and stay away from situations that may lead to temptation or sin.

i ended up not saying anything to the 3 guys.  should i have said something….yes!  next time!


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