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Reverent Intimacy

“reverent intimacy”  is a quote taken from francis chan’s book crazy love.  ive been reading his book off and on for a month now.   he uses this phrase to describe his relationship w God, and how he went from fearing God (based on his relationship w his earthly dad) to understanding that God loves us intimately, and He desires for us to know Him as a loving and gracious Father.   francis says in his book

“the Bible emphasizes the importance of fearing God(having reverent intimacy)…our culture severely lacks the fear of God, and many of us are plagued with amnesia.  but for a long time, i (francis) narrowly focused on His fearsomeness to the exclusion of His great and abounding love.”

as i was reading this today, it made me think naturally of my own relationship w my father, and my extended family as well.  that my love from my family, God’s Word reminds me that my “good works” are filthy rags, in light of who God is and His Love for me.  but its all under control, His plan is working, and all i have to do is trust and be obedient to what He has called me to do, and seek Him with all i have and in all that i do.

the blessings of being part of a church that seeks to use the gifts and talents that God has given all of us…to further His Kingdom, to proclaim the Good News, to be a Light in our community, is more than i deserve.   and the added privilege of documenting what God is doing at the rock, is an extra bonus!

do you have reverent intimacy for God?


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