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Tech Tuesday: The first post with many more to come (Holga)…

This is the first of many posts to come that will focus on tech stuff mostly related to photography. I love photography and I am always striving to learn a new technique or get the latest scoop on the technology behind the art. Some of the items that I will share will be things that I have learned over time while other posts will be related to things I have read recently. I hope you enjoy these posts and please feel free to leave comments.

So I thought about what my first post would be and I was all set to post it when I read the below article.

Holga article found in Wired.com

I thought of Brother Joe after reading it and couldn’t resist posting it. Brother Joe has a passion not only for film photography but also the quirky Holga cameras. I don’t own one personally but I am intrigued by the 🙂 almost cult like 🙂 following of its users. Yea I know bad choice of words for a Christian blog but you gotta have a sense of humor about this world sometimes. After all it can’t be any worse than the Nikon shooters and their following (Don’t worry Trevor, we still love you!). I too am interested in the style this camera produces and one day hope to have the time to try out this tool.

I hope you enjoyed the article and hopefully Brother Joe will try some of the interesting hacks that are listed. If you do them Brother Joe please post how they worked out for you.


Jim Wanglund
Rock Photographer


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