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George Lepp at SD Zoo


George Lepp is coming to the SD Zoo this Saturday.  With your paid admission, you can visit relatives in the zoo and try out Canon cameras and lenses… check out the info below



Experience the Elephant Odyssey with Canon at the San Diego Zoo on June 27th from 2pm – 9pm!

Enjoy photographing San Diego’s most picturesque environment! Learn about photography from Canon’s experts throughout the entire San Diego Zoo. Canon representatives on-site will help you with wide angle, macro, and telephoto shots in different areas. Explore your creativity with help from the pros! Whether you are an amateur or professional, there are new tips for everyone. Stop by the Canon booth (before 5pm) to borrow a Canon SLR Digital Camera or other fantastic Canon equipment (while supplies last – restrictions apply).

After a day of shooting your favorite nature and wildlife scenes, see special guest speaker, George Lepp at the Wegeforth Bowl at 7:00pm. George Lepp: Canon Explorer of Light, one of North America’s best-known outdoor and nature photographers.



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