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Guest Blog Wednesday with Dave Miller

When Brother Joe asked me to contribute to this blog as a guest blogger, I was at first excited.  Here was a chance to share a little of what was in my heart.  It was a chance to share a little of what makes me tick with some different folks.

And then I read the theme.  “Light.”  And then I started to worry.  What was a guy like me going to say to a bunch of photographers about light?  I mean, isn’t that a little like telling Michael Jordan how to shoot a basketball?

You guys with all your meters, lenses, filters, and what ever else, just intimidate people like me.  I am one of those point, shoot, and hope guys you make fun of when you get together. 

Guys like me are always shooting ten pictures of the same shot, hoping to get one that is good.  One that is not totally overexposed, too blurry, or has Aunt Mary only half in the picture.

So with all that as background, let’s get back to light, intimidated thought I may be.

I was singing in church the other day thinking about how to translate a song into Spanish.  It is just something I do.  After almost 20 years serving in Mexico, my mind has finally started to think in Spanish.

When I gave up on the song, my mind moved on to light.  And that is when it hit me.

The word for light in Spanish is luz.  When the room is dark, you turn on luz.  Our cars have luces. The sun gives luz.  In Christ there is luz. 

But here’s a twist for you.  If you come home one night to your nice suburban place here in America, flip the switch and nothing happens, we say the power is off.

But in Mexico, we say there is no light.  No hay luz!  Which we would translate in this case, there is no current, or power, because the connection has been cut.  Interesting isn’t it?

In Spanish, the absence of light, is literally, in one sense, the absence of power.  I love the analogy that when we are walking in the dark, in areas where there is no light, we are walking without power.  The power of Jesus.

When we are walking without a strong connection to Jesus, it is as if our faith meters, like the light meters of the photographer, are screaming that something is out of whack. And an adjustment needs to be made.

And that adjusting process is not a one time thing.  Just like you would never shoot an outdoor wedding with the same settings you use indoors, our faith meters need constant checking to make sure our light, our luz, our power, is good for where we are at any given moment.

So let me ask you, have you checked your personal light meter lately?  Is there enough light, or power in your life?

Perhaps, if your life seems a little underexposed, it is time to take a new reading and make some adjustments on the amount of light that is evident in your personal life.

Because you just might need a little more luz!


Dave Miller is the Executive Director of Adventures in Life Ministry, a receiving mission organization serving in Mexico.  Ive known Dave for some time now and appreciate his willingness to share with us all on our blog.  Thanks again Dave.

You can learn more about Adventures in Life Ministry at

Dave blogs personally at www.adventurenotes.blogspot.com
and on short term mission issues at


One response

  1. Dave Miller

    Thanks again Joe! Blessings.

    June 17, 2009 at 10:19 am

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