harnessing the power of photography for good

week in review

nikon just rolled out the D5000

12.3 mp, 720 hd video…late to the dance as usual…Canon beat them to the punch with the EOS Rebel T1i.

the T1i has more megapixels (15.1) and 1080 HD!  but thats ok.  the nikon is still a nice camera.  canon is also offering some really nice rebates right now.  you can see whats up by checkin HERE. 

Nik software has some pretty cool stuff, ask trevor, and right now with a coupon code you can get 15% off.

the coupon code to use is PV0509 when checking out.  you still have 2 days to get in on the discount.

scott kelbys worldwide photowalk has posted another walk in san diego, this time in downtown.  i still havent heard back about the walk i want to lead at liberty station….will let yall know if it happens.  until then, if you are interested in the photowalk downtown, go check it out.  i was talking with driveby jim and hes getting some dates together to lead some photowalks/photohikes this summer. so when he has the dates, we will be posting the info.

the memorial day outreach on monday, was a real blessing.  driveby jim was commenting that it reminded him a little of jamaica due to the water.  hes right, it was a beautiful setting.  you can see pics HERE and on this blog. 

on the blogosphere this week: 

david du chemin had a great entry on the idea of content vs relationship when it comes to images.  im a big fan of davids, and i think its worth the time to check him out.  you can read the entry HERE

scott kelby, creator of the worldwide photowalk,  has different folks come in to “guest blog” on wednesdays, hence the name “guest blog wednesdays.”  eddie tapp discusses elements of a good photograph.  its thought provoking and insightful, it will make you think about the next pic you take.  go check out the guest blog on scott kelbys site, or just go HERE.

                                                     the HOLGA

ive been talkin about this camera for some time, and that the photo peeps were gonna go out and have some fun with this plastic gem of a camera.  if your unfamiliar w this camera, just go and google it, and youll be amazed what comes up.  there are literally tons of sites dedicated to this camera.  it is PLASTIC, it is a medium format FILM camera, and it does LEAK light.  thats the beauty of this camera, no 2 holgas are the same, and you can do all kinds of fun and creative stuff with the camera.  but the best way to find out is to go get yourself a holga and start playin with it.  you can get them at nelson photo in little italy.  lets go support the local camera store!  we will be doing a photo walk w the holga in june, so go get your holga and start practicing. 

lastly, i just started reading crazy love, by francis chan.                                   francis chan at catalyst westcoast

hes the pastor at cornerstone church in simi valley.  im really excited about reading this book.  will fill yall in as i go.  feel free to check out his site.

thats it for now, i think im gonna turn in early for a change…


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