harnessing the power of photography for good

week in review

so this is an attempt to share whats goin on in rock photo land… be it events we shot, stuff seen or read online, new gear on the market or whatever grabs our eye.   the plan isnt to share earth shattering news that will change the way you live or shoot, but to have fun, and share what kind of stuff interests us as photographers.  hopefully different folks will chime in and share each week, a little variety will be interesting.

so i reckon i will begin…

ive already posted on scott kelbys worldwide photowalk.  this is something weve been talking about for some time, and we will definitely be leading some photowalks this summer.  stay tuned.

david du chemin had a very thought provoking blog entry on the 19th, discussing the idea photography and whether its art or not.  id highly recommend taking the time to check it out, id even say you should follow him.  anyway, you can see the blog entry yourself  HERE.  david also just published his first book, titled Within the Frame.  i just got it from amazon this week, and have started reading the book.  will be posting about it soon.

the photo classes at the rock are still rolling along.  we spent the last 2 wednesdays talking about shutter priority (Tv).

we are new to this class thang, so weve been maintaining a low profile as we work out the bugs and figure out what works and doesnt.  we like to have fun, and believe learning by experience is huge.  ive actually learned quite a bit from these classses, and look forward to doing more.  the timing of practicing shutter priority has been great too, with my nieces school, tri city christian, played the rock academy in softball twice in the last week. 

 so ive been shooting lots of softball.  good practice.  you can check HERE for upcoming events and classes.

sunday nite, took pics at church…

john darrow (on the left) is mays rock hero.  im all geeked up for the carlsbad lagoon outreach on memorial day.  should be interesting.   hopefully we will have some pics up monday nite after the event.  hope to have some of the shooters come wed nite to share some of their pics.  i love shooting events like this, its an honor to document the transformation that happens at outreaches like this.


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