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Film is for Real Man!

as i progressed up the ladder of canon cameras, the canon eos 1 was always their flagship camera.  i could never afford the latest and greatest, so thats where i learned to buy used gear.  i started with the A2 and purchased the eos 1 soon after, the 1V had just come out, so i was 2 versions back.  learned that camera, and sold it and bought a 1N. i loved this camera.  it  was a work-horse camera, rugged and fast.  holding the 1N you almost felt invincable.  maybe not, but if someone tried to take it from you, the camera weighed in at 4 pounds or so w battery grip.  so you could crack someone on the head and make them hurt for sure.  on the digital front, the 10D was out, along w the 1D.  i couldnt afford the switch, plus i was having too much fun with film.


                                                      The Canon 1V

if you want to really strengthen your faith, shoot weddings w film!  i guess i was a glutton for punishment, cause thats what i was doing.   i finally got the 1V 4 years ago.  so i was shooting with the 1N, 1V with the A2 as an emergency backup.  i think shooting weddings w film really challenged and grew me as a photographer, more so than with digital.  theres tons of pressure when you have 15-20 rolls of 36 exp film to shoot a wedding with.  you better get your shot, since you didnt have the luxury you have today of shooting thousands of pics to get it right.  you needed to get 150-200 quality money shots to show the couple.  so thats, let me think….a very high percentage of pics that need to be bombalicious!

ive long been an advocate of shooting film.  it makes you slow down and think.  especially when you know you only have a limited amount of frames to shoot.  and i believe that if you shoot better pics,  the less you have to edit afterwards. which translates into more shooting time.  dont get me wrong,  digital isnt goin anywhere.  ive invested in digital, i love my 5D, it takes beautiful pics.  i love my 40D, its super fast, and great for action and sports photography. 

i recently had my 1V overhauled, having the whole shutter mechanism replaced, and a full-on deep tissue relaxation spa treatment to keep her happy.  the 1V is home and im starting to shoot more film.  pete says, digital is for work, film is for fun and creativity.  something like that….its like going to the mountains and chillaxin w God.  its refreshing to shoot film.    and i believe shooting film will make you a better photographer.

so go buy a film camera, and get back to the roots of photography.  your family will thank you, the economy will thank you, and your digital camera will thank you!

 film is for real!


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