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The Fine Line presents Stimulus

the washington projects led worship

the rock hosted another fine line event friday nite, may 8th.  the topic for the evening was “stimulus.”  the idea was to present a Biblical perspective on todays economic conditions.  there was a panel that discussed various economic hot topics and how we as believers are to respond to these issues that we are all facing.  what was interesting is that the panel was made up of “experts” that were all followers of Christ, but they didnt always agree on the solutions to the economic issues facing us all. 

they all did agree on is the fact that we have a God who fully understands the issues we are all dealing with today.  and that His Word tells us that He cares about our well being, that we were fearfully and wonderfully made, He cares about the big stuff and the little details.  there is real Hope in understanding this fact.  and as followers of Christ we need to honor Him by living with integrity and honor in all areas of our lives.  and with prayer and wise counsel, we will have all the “stimulus” we need to survive these economic times.

tonites event was streamed live online for those who couldnt make it

if you need financial counseling or just someone to talk with about todays financial crisis, please contact the finance ministry at the rock church


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