harnessing the power of photography for good


sunday was rock hero sunday.  it was also the sunday that miss california, miss usa 1st runner-up came home to the rock after the whirlwind of tv appearances the week after the pageant.  tessa cruz w pastor miles

aprils rock hero was tessa cruz, leader of the military ministry at the rock.  you can view the rock hero video here.

miss california, carrie prejean

if you hadnt heard what the big deal was, than youve been living in a cave this past week.  go google:  miss california + blogger judge  

sunday was a chance for carrie to share her thoughts on all thats happened since the miss usa pageant, and for her to say once more that she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that whats more important to her is how God judges her, not man. 

backstage, tessa and carrie had a chance to say hi to each other.  tessa had a picture that was taken of her daughter and carrie earlier this year.  it was fun for them to remember that meeting and realizing that God was working in both of their lives, and how they didnt know that they both went to the same church.   the rock is a big church, and im sure there are plenty of heroic people and stories of folks standing up for what they believe in, being obedient to Gods call and striving for crowns that wont fade or tarnish…the kind only God can give.


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