harnessing the power of photography for good

ministering to baby faced marines

the military ministry was at the airport on tuesday, welcoming back marines who were on leave after finishing boot camp.  they were arriving back to san diego inorder to resume their training at camp pendelton.  the young marines were all  around 18 years old and less than a year out of high school.  they were are sharply dressed in their uniforms and very repectful to everyone around them.  many of them were wide eyed  with this look of uncertainty on their faces.  i spoke  with a sgt who was helping direct the marines, and he told me most of these marines have no idea whats ahead of them, all they know is theyre going to camp pendelton. 

the marines check in at the u.s.o. at the airport, where they then line up and wait to take the bus to camp pendelton.  the military ministry host a table where they provide fruits, candy and other snacks for the marines.  they also provide cell phones for them to make calls and Bibles for those needing or wanting one, and smiles & general encouragement.  its was a great experience to be there, i will certainly be back to help.

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