harnessing the power of photography for good

Taking the Plunge

baptism last friday was a blast.  the plunge is nice since you dont have to worry about waves knocking you over, or the slimey muddy bottom of mission bay.  the only thing you need to worry about is other photographers getting in your shot, wildly enthusiastic friends (who are in the water) of those getting baptised, and the mass of folks coming forward to declare their faith in Jesus publically.
we had 4 of us in the water( driveby jim, trevor, mikey & me), 1 half in the water( jasmine, w adam playing lifeguard),  1 high and dry(terry), and 1 off duty shooter under the water w his bride (daniel & vaness).  this is the most shooters weve had in the water,
or even near the water.
but what was more impressive was the platoon of pastors in the water, 14 total, plus 2 on dry land.  
despite the crowd of paparazzi and pastors, people still got in the water to get dunked for Jesus. 
baptisms are always a blessing, and an honor to be part of. 
to see more pics from the spring baptism, please visit the rock website

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