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Rick Warren’s Inaugural Prayer: Take 2


pastor rick warren was on the hugh hewitt show yesterday (www.hughhewitt.townhall.com/blog ), among the many things discussed was his prayer during the inauguration of President Obama.  hugh asked him if he planned what he prayed, ricks response was a strong “yes.”   he said its easier to ask for forgiveness than permisson in this instance. rick warren said that this was a once and a lifetime opportunity, and he wasnt gonna miss the chance to glorify Christ on this world stage, and wasnt worried about not being invited back.   being a student of history, pastor rick noted that no previous inaugural prayer had included the Lord’s Prayer, which surprised him.  as he was praying from the podium, and began the Lord’s Prayer,  everyone present at the inauguration immediately began reciting the prayer along with pastor rick.   he said that people who were opposed to him being there, were probably wondering if he was gonna say Christ’s name, so he decided to say it in 4 different languages so there would be no confusion.  pastor rick said there comes a time where you stop worrying about what people may or may not say about you and just focus on doing what God requires of you, being obedient and choosing to bring honor to Christ every chance you get.inaugurtion-prayer

it was great to hear his thoughts on the inauguration prayer, and im glad he was obedient.  you can see the full text of pastor rick’s prayer here


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