harnessing the power of photography for good

wild, wild, wild, wild flowers of the desert

the photo peeps ventured out to our local desert, lookin for aliens and lost bags of money, but we only found a bunch of flowers.  the anza-borrego desert was very un-desert like, with lots of pretty flowers, and all kinds of people oohinng and aaaaahhing as they stomped on the flowers looking for acreage that was unpopulated.  most settled on taking pics at the desert welcome center.  why not…theres shade, lots of flowers close by and bathrooms  just a few steps away!

seriously, it was lots of fun.  there were 6 of us that made the trek out, we had a few last minute cancellations and someone was gonna meet us out there, but we never saw them.  but it all worked out well.  5 out of the 6 of us had never been out to see the flowers, so we were all new to the desert flower scene.  im not a big flower person… so i didnt feel the need to venture to far away from the cars, so i found some flowers near the car and had fun seeing how close i could focus on the flowers.  the pics you see here were actually from coyote canyon, where we went to after henderson canyon rd. 

it fun trying to get a close up pic of the flowers, especially with the flowers constantly moving in the breeze.  anyway, hope you like these…


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