harnessing the power of photography for good


Potential is defined as capable but not yet in existence or having the power, capability, or possibility.  Since coming to Christ I have realized that my full potential was never attained in the life before knowing Him.   Pastor Miles current sermon is revolving around our church and its potential that is not even close to being realized. 

My full potential is still being developed through the Photo Ministry.  God is constantly showing me new things and guiding me to new levels of faith.  This year is proving that by wanting to change myself and my contributions to this ministry.  I am always taking myself outside the comfort zone by using the abilities that God has given me to be a good disciple. 

God has lead me to setting up a devotional to start our ministry meetings every other week.  Public speaking has never been a strong skill for me but this is where He is leading me and I will obey.  Sometimes He asks us to do things that we are not the most comfortable doing.  That is OK because with time, patience, study, and prayer He will not let us fail if He wants it to happen.

So as I wrap up this short blog, please pray for our ministry and the new direction we are heading.  No longer will we be just about documenting the Holy Spirits work through other ministries.  We will now be reaching out to people in need.  We will be teaching others how to best use their abilities for documenting Gods work.  We will be leading photo expeditions that will bring great fellowship time and may expose some to the Word in a light that they may not have experience before.  This is what ministry is all about and it is a blessing  and honor that God has chosen me to assist with spreading our faith.

In Him,

Jim Wanglund


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