harnessing the power of photography for good

Lifeline Ministries

last week i went to take pictures of ken davis, who leads up lifeline ministries at the rock.  lifeline is a rock ministry that goes into convalescent homes, and ministers to those there.  ive know ken for several years, hes hard to miss, being 6’8″.  weve chatted several times about what God is doin in the homes, and that its to bad video cameras arent allowed in, for confidentiality reasons, since there are lots of stories of God workin miracles.  still cameras can be brought in, but all the pics have to be of the back of their heads, so they are un-recognizable….which doesnt lend itself to great images.  but i went anyways.

ken reminded me that less than 20%  of those who enter the homes, ever leave.  for most, its the last place they will ever live, and some folks have been in homes for over 15 years.  many have no families that visit, so those volunteering for lifeline, may be the only outside contact they ever have. 

lifeline goes into over 40 homes around san diego county,  they usually spend 2 to 3 hours visiting, hosting Bible studies, and spending time talking to those in the homes.  i spent about an hour there, and in that little time, i could see the genuine care the volunteers had for those in the home.  they gave hugs and kisses, held hands and showered them w genuine love and affection. 

i tell the photographers that sometimes you have to put the camera down and just watch what God is doing.  that some things are just meant for you personally, and to recognize that and give thanks and praise to God.   im still processing all i saw, and thanking God for the opportunity to see what ken and his team are doing in the convalescent homes of san diego.   praise God!

for more info about lifeline you can email ken at  lifelineministry@therocksandiego.org

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