harnessing the power of photography for good


as ive been looking back at some of the pics i took at harvest in the ranch, and after talking w some friends about pastor greg lauries message.  it was really encouraging to hear his message in light of the death of his son

in case you hadnt heard, pastor gregs son christopher, died in a tragic car accident this summer.  pastor greg weaved the death of his son into his message, asking those listening, are you prepared to die.  we are all gonna die, sooner or later.  his son christopher was prepared, he has moved on to be with Jesus.  but he is not lost!  he knows where his son is, and he continues to grieve and still misses his son, and he said he would gladly change places with his on if it was possible.  but God is not done with him yet and his son christopher would want him to continue preaching the Good News of Christ to those who have not had the chance to know God.

 in a twinkling of an eye paul says in 1 corinthians 15, we will be with God… are you prepared?


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