harnessing the power of photography for good

Can you sense the urgency to receive the Lord?

Priscilla Miller , Mercy Me, and Evangelist Greg Laurie made for one incredible combination at the Harvest In The Ranch. Priscilla Miller opened up the event and got the crowd to their feet with worship followed by Mercy Me. The real impact for me though was Greg Laurie.

Lost Boy

Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie recently lost his son in a car accident. Thank God that his son was saved before he left this world was all I could think of while shooting photos and that was a part of his message as well. You never know when your time to leave this earth will come, so you need to prepare now. It might be a car accident, drug overdose, or the rapture but ultimately that time is going to come.

Harvest In The Ranch

Child Praying

Father and Child

We all have different callings in this life and we need to make the most of them in His name. I hope that my photos will move others to serve in His name and to even possibly inspire someone to come to understand the gift that Jesus gave to us. Every time I see an altar call I am always thrilled to see those who have chosen of their free will to receive the Lords gift of everlasting life. But I also realize that we have many more souls that need our help to understand their place in this world. We need to teach them to prepare for the next. Hopefully during that process many more will come to have a personal relationship with Christ and to serve in His name.

Accepting Jesus

In Him,

Jim Wanglund


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