harnessing the power of photography for good

Good For Nothing!

i was “kidnapped” in high school, by some friends who knew i needed Jesus.  they came to my house and literally took, “kidnapped” me, and took me to young life.  that was the beginning of my learning who Jesus really was, that was the fall of my jr year in high school.  christmas my sr year is when Christ called me unto Himself, and ive been chillin w Jesus ever since.  along the way i started volunteering w young life, and was on staff for a short time as well.   a young life staff dude started discipling me during my time w young life, and he used to say to the volunteer leaders, ” i’m paid to be good, yall are good for nothing.”

its a funny but true statement.  volunteers are key to any ministries success.  it doesnt matter if your a church, para-church, or a  missions organization like billy graham.  you cant pay everyone to do God’s work.  as important as it is to have “staff”, to lead and direct things, you need volunteers who are gonna help you accomplish the missions objectives.   and those that are “paid” to be good, need to make sure the health and welfare of the “good for nothin” folks are taken care of, and they know how important and appreciated they are.

God has blessed the rock photographers with faithful servants, now and in the past.  there are faithful brothers who have been serving since the beginning of the rock, pete, and those who helped get us organized and have moved on, rafael.  and brothers like terry, who have self-lessly given of his time and talents over the years to help further God’s Kingdom.  and im thankful for men like these, and now, for some of the women God has brought to our ministry as well.


by design, we try to stay behind the scenes, to blend in and not stick our cameras in your face when you come forward at church for prayer or counseling.  we are truly blessed to go and document the work that God is doing at the rock.  you may not see us, but more times than not, we are there, shooting, using our gifts for Christ’s glory. 

good for nothing.  most the time. 

thankful and blessed.  always.


to learn more about young life’s ministry please visit  http://www.younglife.org/


One response

  1. Rafael

    “…moved on…” You make it sound like I died. 🙂

    When you mention that you guys had a blog, I didn’t expect my mug to be on it. Thank you for the recognition and the shout out. It is always a blessing to chat, shoot, and hang out with the brothers at the Rock. Many blessings!

    July 29, 2008 at 7:00 am

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