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Power of Music

This is Lauren Silva and I have been a part of the Camp Sevnone staff for this camp for the past month running the Music Track. I have done 3 camps now with High School and Junior High. There are so many testimonies throughout this month with this camp experience and with my music track, that I don’t even know where to begin. I’m going to try and wrap everything up into one main theme if I can. As someone who was rescued from so much pain and suffering and turmoil in my life, not growing up a christian, I was able to especially notice the amazing act of God with some of the toughest kids we had up here.

Music is such a powerful and influential gift in this world and I have been blessed with the gift of being able to see kids go from super introverted and scared to even share their talent with a few people to going up and doing open mic every night and really shining in their performance they get to do at the end of camp. Every kid successfully wrote and recorded and performed a song that they put together with groups that they were put in at the beginning of the week. A lot of them didn’t even know each other and came from different backgrounds and music styles. I watched these kids become like family with each other and work together to complete the goals as a team. Most importantly, I saw how these kids came face to face with some issues that they had never even talked about before and open up and share with others and refuse to be in bondage to the negative things in their lives. There were kids who shared how they learned more about who God really is and how much they wanted to follow him. In the music track, they were able to express themselves through songs and poetry they wrote to hopefully help set them free from things they may have been holding inside them.

There was one particular girl who had shared at our music track bonfire that she had been abused by her parents and let it all out with deep emotion and then at the performance at the end of camp, she shared publicly from the stage about that and then expressed that she was not going to allow it to hurt her anymore and she wrote a song called “Don’t Cry” that she sang for us as her own solo thing.

That is just one of many stories and showed me even more how much God is in music that comes from the hurting soul and can be so effective in bringing us closer to Him and knowing HIM no matter what your beliefs are.


Lauren Silva

Camp SevnOne

Music Track Leader


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