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It’s All About Jesus

Jennifer Peterson    Jr Hi leader

As it is with every camp, the week has gone by so fast! This is my 4th camp as a Jr. High leader with Rock Youth. Every camp has been unique, exciting and memorable in each way. This week was especially special to me because the girls I have been with since 6th grade, will be entering into high school. This was my last year of being with them as their leader. Hanging out with them in their homes, eating ice cream in the rain, racing to catch sunsets to weeks at camp, I have seen these girls grow. However camp, is where I see them grow the most, when God truly transforms their hearts into the young woman He wants them to be. From our laughter to our tears, these young woman have not only changed their lives, but they have changed mine as well. I am so thankfull for our experiences together and the bonding time camp provides. This is definitely not the end of my relationship with them because this week at camp has only brought us closer together. I’m so excited for what God is preparing to do in their lives. I know even a few of them want to be camp leaders themselves one day! The Rock Youth is so amazing with what they are doing with kids- inspiring and transforming more kids than we will ever know. I’m blessed to say I was able to be a small part of what God is doing with Rock Youth.

Love in Christ,


P.S. Cierra, Kelly, Mercedes, Kyra and Monique (even though you couldn’t come)- You young woman are truly amazing and I am so lucky to have so many sisters!


 Diana Romero    Jr HI leader    


I am a Jr. High Leader for the 5 pm service at the Rock! I came to camp as a counselor and have been extremely blessed by the experience. I had 6 awesome 8th graders in my cabin who all experienced the Lord in some way this week. One even got stuck in the porta potty!!  Many had first time experiences in activities which included surfing, wake boarding and martial arts. We had a circle night in which many people were honest in things they have gone through in life, and that night they allowed the Lord to become more real in their lives.

I am very blessed to have these new friendships in the Lord. To see changes in lives is encouraging! These youth are all so special and all have a purpose in their life specifically given to them by God. I know this camp will be part of them finding their purpose!




Jessica Budke    Sr Hi leader

I have had the privilege of being able to be a part of summer camp! This week has been so powerful. Some of the girls that came this week did not want to be here, but God had a different agenda. He had divinely purposed each one of the girls in my cabin to be at camp. One of the girls in my group had an intense fear of the lake. The day that we went wakeboarding she was apprehensive and did not want to go in. Through a rally of peers and leaders, she found courage to get in the water. She shed a few tears while getting in, but she was able to overcome! (And she got up on the first try!!!) That is what life is like with Jesus!

Another girl came to camp angry and not believing in God. The first night she refused to go to the night service. Tonight, she was sitting in the front row! She told me that she is beginning to believe in our God! It was incredible to see God softening and working in her heart day by day! This week she experienced love that is pure, that is selfless, and is unconditional. She felt a glimpse of the kind of love that God has for us!


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  1. April McGowan

    Diana was a great counselor and cabin leader! I loved Camp and i will go back every year!! It was so unforgettable!! She and a few other leaders changed my life with Jesus Christ!! I love them soooo much for doing that!!

    God Bless

    September 18, 2008 at 9:30 pm

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