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Latest News from Camp


Danielle Bush & Brittany Monroe

The Rock Church and camp Sevnone are great for giving us the chance to have camp this summer. Brittany and I have been having a great time. My favorite part was when we were playing a game at night time and you would step into the circle if the statement that was said was true. When we stepped into the circle we realized that we were not alone and that there were other people that are going through or have been through the same things as us. All of the staff here was fantastic. They were so nice and energetic and very up-lifting.



Melisa Rodriguez

Yesterday, I had a blast!!! I got a chance to surf for the first time and actually rode a wave all the way to the shore!!! A couple times I fell flat on my head and got hit in my head with my surf board!! I had to wear a full body suit and I still was cold and a whole bunch of water got into my suit. Earlier that day, we did story telling and laid in the sand. Today, the orange group went wake boarding and had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. I got to wake board, and almost stood up completely, and surf for the first time two days in a row. Earlier, today, we went hiking in a small forest with water falls, lots of puddles, streams and lots of poison oak, luckily I didn’t touch any of it.

I’m so glad that I came to camp this year!!!

Good Bye!!!



Brianna Carino 

The other day we got to go to the beach and did some story telling. We told stories about our whole lives and how it is different from a long time ago. The orange group got to go surfing at the beach and I had to wear this really itchy, sandy body suit!! I went on waves and went all the way to the shore but was too chicken to stand up!! Today, we woke up at 6 in the morning and went wake boarding!! Which it was freezing outside! Plus, it was warmer in the water than outside! We went wake boarding in a lake that was at least 4 miles long and 4 miles wide. I went once and freaked out!! I fell flat on my face. Then we came back and rested a while. After, we went walking to this really cool forest and went swimming in a 25 feet deep tide pool. It was extremely cold! When we were driving back our driver Ryan went super fast and hit this huge puddle of water that splashed us all including the car!! It was so much fun we told him to do it again if he saw anymore puddles.

I have been really liking camp!!

Bye for now!! Peace!!!!


please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/therocksandiego/collections/  to see the newest pics from camp


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