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Mission Accomplished, my friend!!


I’ve told a few people but I need you to know how incredible camp was for my son. He came home a different boy. He experienced and saw God in a way he hasn’t. It blew his mind. Your team did a great job of exhausting them to a point where they had to rely on seeing God spiritually. Your team tied in every event with the Word. My son raved about how funny you were but how Godly you were… how you always brought it back to God. He loved your transparency. He loved how you related to him and seemed to understand him.

The exercise you did with the kids having them step over the line drawn if they knew someone who had done or experienced a life pain (rape, divorce, etc.) impacted him greatly. He told me that he finally didn’t feel alone as a kid trying to deal with divorce and loneliness (hard to hear your son say that). He told me that he cried three separate times. He loved the team from SevnOne. He loved the worship and the camaraderie. He felt so connected and so understood.

Thank you. The day Thatcher came home, we were lacing up to go play catch. He was sitting on the ground on the garage floor and looked up to me and said, “Mom, it’s really important… if anything should happen to me, you have to tell dad that my whole life’s meaning and purpose is for him to know God, to see Jesus, to get saved… just remember to tell him that, ok?”

Thank you… for impacting the youth… for encouraging ears to hear and eyes to see… for being a vessel coming alongside parents in raising Godly children… Godly men…

Thank you for the gift that parents dream of…

Watching your child grow in the Lord? Priceless.



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