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Monday at Camp SevnOne

Brianna Carino, happy camper, 12 years old

Today all the campers were put into separate groups. I am in the orange group and we did martial arts today. It was a whole lot of fun……we learned how to CORRECTLY fall on our back, side and stomach. The man who taught us all this was a really great martial arts guy. It was like he was a pro. He taught us how to correctly fall for when we were in bad situations like you fall off a motorcycle at 70 miles per hour.

Then we learned that even if you are on the ground (had fallen or something) you have not lost the battle/fight with the other person. He taught us how to successfully get up on our feet and still end up beating the person (after literally being on the ground). Then he taught us how to get out of head locks….and how to break someone’s nose. We have been having a great week so far.

Bye for now,


Melisa Rodriguez, camper, 11 years old

Today, was our first official day of camp. I am on the orange group and we did a martial arts lesson with a guy that definitely knew what he was doing. He taught us how to defend ourselves, block ourselves from hits and how to land correctly when falling just in case of an emergency. There has been a lot of activities that just my cabin alone has done. In our cabin, it is just girls and an awesome leader, Marissa. Last night, we had all of the campers meet up in the amphitheater and that was where we got our wrist bands that told us which color group we were in. Today has been so much fun, and I definitely know that the rest of the week will be fun too.

Talk to you later,




Brock Mulder, counselor/leader

What a blessing to be a part of this camp. The activity for the blue crew was surfing today. What a blast. I’ll tell you what. I surf a whole lot but I haven’t had this much fun surfing in a long time. To see these kids do something that I know is so challenging and go at it with such bravery was a true gift from the God most high. Everyone was just into it and trying so hard. They had a blast. Some surfed some just swam and played in the waves and some boogie boarded but all were conquerors of a great feat. We had a small sermon on the beach and then an hour and a half of soccer and volleyball. Let me assure everyone that we have some seriously talented leaders speaking on Christ’s behalf and some kids that are seriously hungry for all the amazing things that God has for them. Let it be known that a good work has begun in these kids but it will take a constant heart of giving to keep them in touch with the Lord. Parents we must be diligent in finishing the work that God has started. May you bless your kids with the spirit of God and may they grow to be a blessing to you and surely when they grow to be mature they will be able to minister to you, as we all have our hardships.

Actively and persistently seeking all that God has,



to view pics from monday, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/therocksandiego/collections/


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