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A New Adventure


Well, it’s now Monday night. I already miss my son Donald. Thank you to God and those that made this trip possible for him. It was truly a blessing. I hope God fills his heart even more and he can discover what God wants him to do.  To all those there, just open up your hearts and let God take over.  Have fun!


Antoinette Wilson




I put you on a train for your “first” week of summer camp.  I promise to remind myself that YOU are my special gift from GOD.  I promise to appreciate my gift from GOD and not take for granted these coming years of your youthfulness, innocence, trust, and unconditional love.  I promise to continue to create lots of memories of us so that we will have them to cherish.



         Your Mom




We are so excited that Jade could be apart of this experience.  I know that she will not only have a great time, but she will make a stronger connection with God and hopefully reaffirm her commitment to Christ.  We feel blessed that she cold have so much fun and be with like-minded teenagers her own age.  I know this will be a blessing that she will remember always.


Carl & Johnetta Cummings


p.s.  Jade, we miss you so much already!



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One response

  1. Jenn Chandler

    To my Noe and Noelle,
    I am really praying that this week at camp will help you further your young spiritual walks with Jesus and that He shows you just how special you both are; to reveal to you the gifts and talents He’s blessed you with and in the direction in which to use them. The house is alot quieter and Cyann, Skyler, and I miss you lots but I know you are having way more fun! C ya in a few dayzzzz.
    Love, Mama

    July 23, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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