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Off to Camp


I was so nervous sending my 7th grader to camp because I knew that he did not know anyone and it might be a little awkward for him. I also knew that this trip would be one of the most amazing experiences that he will have with God and remember it for a lifetime.  I remember going to Christian jr high, high school, and even college camps and coming home on the most incredible spiritual high ever!!  I am praying for my son that he will get to know God on a deeper more personal level like I did when I was his age.  I thank God that the Rock is providing this opportunity and for blessing us with awesome youth leaders.


 -Sheri Brown

We are so happy our young friend, Christie, gets to go to camp this week!  She was so excited when I picked her up  bright and early this morning to head for the train station– she was talking a mile a minute!  Christie told me, “The sheer excitement is often as good as the actual thing you’re looking forward to!”

Thanks to the 2 small groups who helped make this possible.  This is an experience that will be a high point for her–something she wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  We know God is in this and we can’t wait to see what He has in store (for her) as the week unfolds!


Anne & Pete



Well, today is July 20th and on my way to drop Maile off to the Amtrak Station to her first Junior High Ministry. She is so excited and looking forward to joining all the  junior high kids. I know that Maile will learn alot and I know her love for God will be greater then ever. I do miss her already because we do alot together as mother and daughter. Between her dad and I we talked to her about 6 times on the train.

Well we have 4 more days and she will be home on Friday and I know she will have alot to talk about.


God Bless, Hug Keohen 




to see pics from camp this week, please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/therocksandiego/collections/

if youd like to share your own thoughts on camp and sending your son or daughter to camp…please email us at photoministry@therocksandiego.org  and we will post them.  thanks.





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  1. Michele

    My husband and I took our (2) sons to the train station yesterday. This is their first Christian camp and they were very excited. My youngest son decided against bringing his skateboard only to get to the station full of regrets. So being a good dad, my husband drove all the way back home to get his skateboard before the train took off. (Way to go!) Low and behold my husband was able to make it back in time. When my son exited the train to get his skateboard he immediately broke down in tears and said he didn’t want to go. My husband said a few encouraging words gave him his board and a kiss and back on the train he went.

    Sometimes God wants us to step outside of our comfort zones. I am sure upon their return that they will have so many stories to share with us and I am certain that he will be glad that his dad made him get back on that train!


    July 21, 2008 at 11:40 am

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